6 Things To Do With Your Spare Coins

They could be your neighbour, brother, colleague or friend. It could even be you! I’m talking about that person with a wallet the size of a filing cabinet, full of receipts, business cards, coins and small unidentified pieces of paper. Sometimes people are proud of their oversized wallet, calling it a personal assistant, organiser and an old friend. But actually these wallets make you look unorganized, clumsy and worst of all, they will wear out your trousers or jacket. And let’s be honest, nothing is more unfashionable than someone wearing jeans with a wallet mark on their back pocket, or a man wearing a lopsided jacket with an asymmetrical bulge around his left inner pocket.

So: less is more specifically applies to a men’s wallet and coins are a good place to start. Loose change should be the first victim of your slimmed-down wallet. Therefore, all our wallets come without coin compartment. Not only does it look better, it also provides you with more space for important things such as credit- or business cards.

But,” is a question we are regularly asked, “what should I do with all those coins?” Especially if you’re not lucky enough to live in the US or another country where most of the cash comes in the form of bills, you will inevitably end up with those bulky coins. Well, the answer is quite simple. Put them in your pocket, use them at the earliest occasion and at the end of the day simply discard the remaining change in a jar.

But isn’t that just kicking the can down the road? Yes. It is. But that is actually where the fun part starts. Think of what you can do with a jar full of coins. In case you need some inspiration, here is a list of the 6 best things to do with your spare coins:

    1. For the high-life seeker: save your change for that extravagant holiday. Adding 2 euros a day to your jar will yield you almost 750 euros a year. Save for 5 years and buy a business class ticket to Bora Bora, book the presidential suite of the Waldorf Astoria in New York or travel around the world on a shoestring for 3 months.
    2. For the mindful local: make a neighborhood shopkeeper happy by paying in coins. Most people nowadays are just like you: they use bills to pay and get coins in exchange, which means shopkeepers have to go to the bank to get coin rolls several times a week. Using your coins at the local shopkeeper saves him or her a walk to the bank and makes you happy with some fresh bills. Works especially well in cash driven environments such as the Sunday market.
    3. For the well-doer: surprise that charity fundraiser at the door with a coin overload. The poor fellow is probably expecting an annoyed face and a 50-cent coin that is reluctantly released into his container. Make his day by empting your coin jar into his collection bin. You will make the world a little better and it’s good for your karma. Variation on this theme: donate your coins to a homeless person.
    4. For the aspiring Nucky Thompson: tip big everywhere you go. Use your cash to get that extra attentive treatment and to get people to like you. Perhaps you will end up as the city Treasurer.
    5. For the prepper: save until container is full. Buy a new and/or bigger container. Repeat this process until Armageddon is finally there. You will now have enough money to sit through a decent number of apocalyptic months even if the whole banking system has melted down. And in case money has lost its value when the end is nigh, you can always melt your coins into bullets.
    6. For the would-be Jack Sparrow: bury your coins in your back garden and indulge yourself at the idea of someone finding this mystery treasure some centuries from now.

      Bonus tip: save for your new Quasso wallet. After a couple of months you should have enough for a new stylish billfold or card wallet. And if you send us a picture of the required purchase amount in coins on today’s newspaper, we will send you a 10% discount code for your next purchase. In the end, a coin saved is a coin gained!

      5 Simple Tips To Avoid Pickpockets

      “F*ck…seriously”?! That was my first reaction at the crowded Chinatown market in Kuala Lumpur after I realised my wallet was stolen. “How did it happen? Was it the guy who was bumping in to me or was it the older man who was trying to sell me fake watches”? To be honest, I still don’t know. What I do know is that I felt pretty humiliated. How can I have been so stupid, that I let someone steal my wallet?

      The fact is that most pickpockets are like magicians. There really quick, often work in groups and most of the time have a ton of experience. Still, there are several things you can do to prevent being mugged.

      Tip 1: Don’t act like a mobster, count your money in a private area

      Counting money publicly also advertises its presence and its location. So count your money in a private area like your hotel room.

      Tip 2: Use your holy front pocket

      Keeping your wallet in your back pocket makes it a lot easier for pickpockets to rob you. Store your wallet in your front pocket, especially when you enter crowded places.

      Tip 3: Don’t carry too much cash on you

      The oldest but probably best trick in the book. It isn’t going to prevent you from being mugged, but it sure makes it less painful.

      Tip 4: Do not act like a tourist?! Yeah, right….

      When you ask people what you can do to prevent being mugged you often hear: “Do not act like a tourist”. In my opinion this is impossible (unless you're a talented Hollywood actor). How can a tall blond guy blend in among small Asians in a crowed place like a Chinatown market? Anyway, what you can do though, is try not to act like a clueless tourist. Don’t wear (correction: never wear) silly tourist t-shirts from Planet Hollywood or I love Amsterdam. This tourist merchandise is like waving a red flag to pickpockets.

      Tip 5: Trust your instincts

      Finally, trust your instincts. Your intuition will tell you when something is wrong. Don't wait until it's too late: when in doubt, stop walking, put your hands in your pockets or on your purse, and move away from the crowd.

      I hope these tips will help you enjoy your wallet even longer. If you have any additional tips, let me know!

      Cheers, Juriaan